Career at GlobalConnect

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Up for it?

GlobalConnect is one of the leading connectivity providers in Northern Europe. We’re 1700 passionate and talented individuals who want to make a difference, turning our customers’ visions into reality through connectivity. 

Our goal is to create the best possible conditions for engaged employees, a place where you can develop and grow, and create unforgettable memories and enjoyable experiences.

Meet our employees

Are you our next security star, a promising business manager or a future leader? Learn more from these inspiring “GlobalConnectors”.

“With Technology, there’s no end. I just want to learn more all the time.”
Ali Karbalaei, Cyber Security Analyst

“This is a challenging environment where I need to learn new things every day, and it is also something that I really enjoy and appreciate.”
Cecilia Aldrin, Business Manager


Meet our CEO

Martin Lippert has been part of GlobalConnect since 2017 and is the Group CEO of GlobalConnect.

“At GlobalConnect, we are driven by our mission, to empower society with connectivity. We will continue to invest in our digital infrastructure and connectivity solutions, to keep strengthening our position as the primary challenger in each of the markets we operate in”, says Martin Lippert.

Why work at GlobalConnect?

Contributing to a better tomorrow
Building the foundation of a better tomorrow – a digitized and sustainable society

Fast-paced company with high growth ambitions, backed by leading investment company EQT

Work and develop in an international environment

Work with and learn from diverse and experienced industry leading professionals.

We strive to simplify the complicated - being E A S Y to work with

E A S Y. These four letters represent our value-led behaviors and reflect who we are, and how we act as a company and employer. It also represents how we want our customers to perceive us. For us, E A S Y is our guiding star.

About GlobalConnect Group

GlobalConnect is one of the leading digital infrastructure and data communication providers in Northern Europe. The Group delivers Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) offerings to private households and end-to-end connectivity solutions to enterprises across its infrastructure, consisting of 155,000 kilometers fiber network and 35,000 sqm data center space in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany and Finland. GlobalConnect employs approximately 1,900 people, has 30,000 B2B customers and connects more than 750,000 private households with a high-capacity fiber-based broadband.

GlobalConnect is the result of 2019 and 2020 mergers between Broadnet, GlobalConnect and IP-Only.