We are building the Nordic region's future digital infrastructure

In recent years, the Nordic countries have become home to some of the world’s largest tech companies. To meet the demands of these giants, as well as society’s growing need for stable internet connections, GlobalConnect is building a new digital highway. A “super mega fiber cable”, spanning over sea and land in three countries, from Berlin to the northern parts of Sweden. This is an investment of over 50 Million euros and caters to the continued digitization of the region, while also attracting global tech investments.

“It’s the single largest digital infrastructure investment in this country in ten years. We are future proofing our region, and it means that northern Europe will be able to continue to attract global tech investments since digital infrastructure is a key prerequisite for continued operation,” says Pär Jansson, Senior Vice President GlobalConnect Carrier.

Watch the video below to hear more about the project.

Introducing the "Super mega fiber cable"

The Digital Highway runs from Berlin, Germany, through to Bornholm, Denmark, onwards through Öland, Gotland and Stockholm, and further north via Luleå to the northern parts of Europe.

The digital highway is a fiber cable that can transport all data currently being produced in that Nordics. That is three million times more data than standard fiber connections used for private households.

This type of digital highway is essential in order to transport large amounts of data in-and-out and throughout the Nordics, connecting the entire region to the rest of the world.

The cable is 2600 km long and features 5 unique subsea cables in the Baltic sea.

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