The safest home – for your most important data

Your data is business critical and deserves the greatest possible attention. Just not from you. Use your time, energy and resources on your core business – and let us take responsibility for your data and IT. As the leading data centre partner in the Nordics, we have 15 years of experience and 18,000 m2 of data centre space – across 15 high-security locations in Denmark, Norway and Germany. At GlobalConnect, your data is in the safest hands – 24/7.

“Your employees are excellent at handling your IT. But which one of them will turn on the emergency power at 2 o’clock in the morning if necessary?”

Freddy Nielsen

Technical manager, Data centres

A half rack, a private server room or an entire data hall? The choice is yours

Do you know what your data storage needs will be tomorrow? Or in five years? You don’t need to know the answer right now to get an optimal solution from us today. Your solution can easily be scaled up or down, if your data and server equipment is placed in our hands. And, should an incident occur, your data – no matter how much you have – is secured to the highest extent thanks to well-tested IT security plans. The flexibility and choice are yours. The responsibility is ours.

Lost data is a worst-case scenario for every company.

Data is not all that is lost. The same goes for revenue and reputation. Operational reliability is crucial in our work with your data. Power outages, force majeure and cybercrime are 100% within our domain of responsibility – to help you feel completely safe.

In our data centres, you have a home for your IT solution, ´that lives up to every security measure and demand you may have. For you, it means streamlined and secure day-to-day business and peace of mind to focus on your business’ most important activities.

All our data centres are equipped with:

  • Redundant diesel generator, ready in case of power outage
  • Fire protection (aspiration system and Inergen/Argonite)
  • Redundant cooling system
  • UPS’s to ensure stable power flow
  • Facility surveillance via technical alarms and sensors
  • Access control (e.g.  personalized admittance cards, fingerprint scanners, codes)
  • Video surveillance

We know it takes trust to outsource your data storage. Therefore, we are constantly working to reach the highest level of safety in all our data centres.

Our work is based on the standards ISAE 3432 and ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and ISO 22301. Furthermore, we work with dedicated contingency plans and crisis management to always stay at the forefront of security issues. This is your guarantee for optimal data security and is the basis of our promise to you that your data is always safe with us.

We can deliver direct connections from our data centres to e.g. Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services to ensure optimal performance of your applications in day-to-day operations. The connection runs from your private network via global traffic points in London, Amsterdam and Frankfurt – and both performance and security are at superior levels because it all happens outside the internet.

Data centres use a lot of energy, and therefore we are working systematically to reduce the CO2 emissions from our locations.

Among other things, we use ”green cooling” in our data centres where free air-cooling systems in the cold months use outside air to cool down the centres – resulting in less energy consumption and lower running costs.

It is the clever choice. For the environment and your budget.