Free up time for your business

Outsourcing all or part of your IT setup not only significantly reduces costs. It also becomes a stepping stone for a transformation of the IT department as the new centre of business, supporting innovation and development. Our outsourcing services are split into three categories: Corporate Core Service, Corporate Security Service and Corporate Managed Service. This way, we are able to support your entire IT and network solutions as well as creating a safe and reliable system and data setup.

“Outsourcing is all about trust. It obviously frees up time and resources – but it is just as important that it leaves you with a strong feeling of ease and safety.”

Michael Haakonsen

Corporate Sales Executive

Corporate Core Services offer flexible IT infrastructure in the cloud

Corporate Security Service with Disaster Recovery and Backup as a Service

Corporate Managed Service ensures stable and far-sighted daily IT performance

Outsourcing solutions

Corporate Core Service is a flexible cloud solution if you want to handle daily IT setup and security yourself, but at the same time need a modern IT infrastructure that lives up to the demands of your business.

GlobalConnect’s Corporate Core Service is an IaaS solution with virtual CPUs, memory and storage – either delivered as a complete installation or as an add-on to your existing solution.

Tailor-made – without heavy costs

With our solutions, you will minimize the financial outlay required for expensive hardware and software, and you are provided with a full overview of your infrastructure expenses. It is a corporate cloud solution that is ready to be scaled and built on as the IT department and your company grow.

No matter how we design your solution, your data is hosted in our geographically separate data centres for optimal security.

Handling an ever-growing IT threat is no easy task, and the lack of sufficient IT security can have dire consequences. Trust, bad publicity and lost orders are all at stake. As company data becomes more and more valuable, the need for securing it becomes more important than ever.

We offer security solutions with our Corporate Security Service that put your company in the best possible position in the fight against cybercriminals. Among our solutions are DDoS protection and Managed Firewall that effectively protect your data against attacks.

If the unthinkable happens, we can assist with services such as Backup as a Service and Disaster Recovery to quickly get your business back on track.

With Corporate Managed Service you can leave the day-to-day IT responsibility to us and focus on your core business instead.

With everyday IT handling in our hands, you are ensured a stable performance with a strong emphasis on security, accessibility and constant monitoring. Fewer worries and more resources to focus on new projects.

We work systematically with the KPIs and SLA that make up the framework of our collaboration. And, as outsourcing is built on trust, we are always available for you – even after ordinary business hours have finished.