Your partner in the battle against cybercrime

Cybercriminals typically target the weakest link in your company, and the attacks constantly take on new forms. It takes insight and experience to stay ahead of the threats – and it requires a strong setup if you want to contain the attack and minimise the damage. Our team of security specialists are your allies in the fight against cybercriminals, and each and every security service is adjusted to fit your demands with regards to quality and uptime. This way, your data, infrastructure and business are protected in the best way possible.

“Many companies underestimate the threat of cybercrime with regards to their IT security setup. This first becomes apparent when the damage is done.”

Kevin Kragh

IT Security Specialist

Security solutions

A Managed Firewall is the best in the business – and frees you from investing in additional IT equipment.  Our Managed Firewall is built on a fully redundant and scalable platform, guaranteeing you perfect performance and security. The solution provides you with the possibility of expanding your company’s firewall capacity if needed, and you don’t have to worry about installation or maintenance. Easy and efficient.

DDoS attacks target websites and online services by overwhelming them with traffic, and they can leave a business inoperable in a matter of minutes. The bombardment of fake traffic floods your servers and overloads your systems with information.

At GlobalConnect, we can help you prevent the threat through constant monitoring and comparison of your website traffic. By filtering unwanted traffic, we safeguard your website so that you can run your business without interruption.

Backup data is the lifeline of your business if you fall victim to a virus or ransomware attack. Our experts can help you organise your backup processes to safeguard your data through services like Veeam Cloud Connect and Insider Protection.

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