GlobalConnect Supplier Code of Conduct

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GlobalConnect continuously strives to maintain high ethical standards in our work, and we therefore expect the same high standards from our Suppliers. As a chain is never stronger than its weakest link, we, together with our Suppliers wish to ensure growth and success in the world in a sound manner. This Supplier Code of Conduct (“the Code”), describes GlobalConnect’s ethical standards, values, and a description of what responsible business conduct is to us, as well as expectations on lawful and sustainable business practices in our Suppliers’ operations.

GlobalConnect’s commitment to responsible development is founded on adherence with general business ethics and the Principles of the United Nations Global Compact.

Our high expectations towards our own operations are transferable to the expectations and requirements we have of our Suppliers, contractors, consultants, agents, and business partners (“Suppliers”) both globally and in the markets we operate. Our Suppliers are GlobalConnect’s extended arm hence when this Code uses the term “GlobalConnect”, “we” or “our”, it includes the Supplier when representing GlobalConnect.

This Code shall be updated periodically to ensure adherence to market standards.

1. General requirement

1.1 Responsibilities

We expect all Suppliers to understand and comply with this Code and to ensure that it is implemented in their supply chain. We reserve the right to make requests for information to our Suppliers, to substantiate their compliance with the Code. Upon receiving reasonable notice, the Supplier should either give us access to relevant premises or documentation to verify compliance with the Code.

In case of failure to meet the terms specified in the Code, our approach is to allow for the Supplier to take appropriate actions within a reasonable time to comply with the requirements. GlobalConnect has the right to inquire and receive information regarding corrective actions and progress from the Supplier. Critical breaches or repeated unwillingness to take corrective action may result in termination of the business relationship for convenience between GlobalConnect and the Supplier.

This Code also applies to the Supplier’s supply chain and potential sub-suppliers. Suppliers are required to perform reasonable controls on their sub-suppliers and use their best efforts to ensure that equivalent standards are complied with and respected within their respective supply chains.

1.2 Compliance with Laws, Regulations and the Code

Suppliers must comply with all laws and regulations applicable to their services and products in the jurisdictions in which they operate including conventions and guidelines set by international organisations such as the UN, ILO and the OECD, as well as the requirements in this Code.

In cases where the Code sets higher standards than those in applicable laws or regulations, compliance with the Code is still mandatory. In the event the requirements of the Code conflict with laws, regulations, or international standards, we expect the Suppliers to report such conflicts to GlobalConnect in order to jointly establish the most appropriate course of action.

1.3 Reporting compliance concerns

The Supplier must report any breach of these rules to their GlobalConnect contact person or contract owner.

Suppliers must not tolerate any form of retaliation against anyone who in good faith submits a report of an alleged violation. If there is a suspicion of misconduct by GlobalConnect or a GlobalConnect employee, the Supplier is encouraged to report such suspicion.

2. Specific requirements

2.1 Human rights and labour rights

Suppliers must respect human rights and labour rights, as described in the UN Global Compact, which deal with the basic principles and rights in the performance of work.

2.2 Child labour

The Supplier must not employ, engage in, benefit from or use a child as a workforce if it is under the age of 15 or a higher age prescribed by applicable laws, in which case the higher age shall apply. Exceptions can only be made for work acceptable under the ILO Minimum Age Convention (C138). Under no circumstances shall Suppliers let a child under the age of 18 perform hazardous work.

2.3 Discrimination

The Supplier must commit to treating all employees and job applicants equally and fairly in all situations. The Supplier shall also base recruitment, dismissal, transfer, promotion, determination of salary, setting of working conditions or competence development on relevant and objective criteria.

2.4 Freedom of association and the right to collective agreements

Suppliers must, subject to local laws, respect the rights of their employees and other workers to form, join (or refrain from joining) trade unions, bargain collectively or otherwise have the opportunity to affect their working conditions. If the right to freedom of association and collective bargaining is restricted by laws or regulations, suppliers must allow alternative forms of worker representation.

2.5 Labour conditions

Suppliers must provide safe and sound working conditions and that proper safety measures have been introduced in relation to the employee’s performance of work in the company to minimize the risk of work-related injuries. We expect our Suppliers always to comply with all relevant local laws and regulations regarding health and safety at work, with the aim of preventing accidents and employee injury.

2.6 Recruitment practice and forced labour

Suppliers must provide all employees with a written employment contract containing the terms of employment in an easy-to-understand language. Employees must be able to terminate the agreement within a reasonable timeframe. Suppliers may not require employees to lodge identity papers or deposits (financial or otherwise) as a condition for their employment.

2.7 Salary

Suppliers must provide their workforce with remuneration, salary and benefits that meet any national legal standard on minimum wage, overtime and sick leave, and provides for a living wage. A living wage is understood as remuneration sufficient to afford a decent standard of living for the worker and the worker’s family. Suppliers shall not use wage deductions as disciplinary measures.

2.8 Working hours

Suppliers must comply with local rules for maximum working hours and that employees are entitled to rest breaks and freedom in accordance with local laws.

2.9 Protecting the environment

Suppliers must comply with relevant local and national environmental regulations and maintain relevant licenses, registrations and permissions that are required for the performance of the work. We expect our Suppliers to reduce negative impacts on the environment and human health by for example controlling harmful spillages and waste, as well as ensuring environmentally safe disposal. We expect our Suppliers to strive for sustainable and efficient use of natural resources as well as protect biodiversity.

2.10 Anti-corruption

It is GlobalConnect’s stated policy that no employee gives or receives unwarranted benefits in relation to any business partners. Suppliers are expected to comply with a high standard of integrity in any form of business cooperation, and not to be involved in any form of corruption, including extortion or bribery.

2.11 Anti-money laundering, Counter-terrorist financing and Trade sanctions (AML)

Suppliers must not be used for money laundering or terrorist financing purposes. Suppliers must ensure that its business practices and its Suppliers follow all applicable AML laws and regulations.

2.12 Sanctions

Suppliers must take reasonable action to ensure that no entity or person subject to United Nations, European Union or other applicable sanctions laws and regulations is involved in or unlawfully benefits from the Supplier’s operations, including its supply chain.

2.13 Conflict of interest

Suppliers must strive to avoid conflicts of interest or situations giving the appearance of a potential conflict of interest in its dealings with GlobalConnect. If there are any situations of actual or potential conflict of interest between the personal interests of those involved and the interests of GlobalConnect, the Supplier is expected to report this to GlobalConnect.

2.14 Fair competition

Suppliers must respect and comply with all laws and regulations designed to promote fair and healthy competition and not enter into discussions or agreements with competitors concerning pricing, market sharing, or similar activities.

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